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Cheats/Hacks – HL1/HL2 – Immunity DUO 3.0

Release -Immunity DUO 3.0
Release – Language – English
Size -About 2 MB
Format – Zip/Rar/Exec./Other
Scan by a Antivirus – Clean/No Virus
Files – 1

Readme.txt/NFO -Yes

+ Extra Info

Immunity DUO by ORGANNER][HL1 & HL2][3.0]

WWW.ORGANNER.PL – Private ring0 (Kernel Mode) Hacks

– Pure ring0 (Kernel Mode) hack which does work for both engines HL1 and HL2. This should be NEVER detected by VAC2,
therefore you dont need to worry about any VAC2 updates.

– VAC2

– Dynamic Box ESP

– Works only for Steam version. You must have Windows XP x32 with NetFramework.
– You have to turn off DEP ( in Boot.ini )
– For less flickering you have to turn on your Virtual Synchronization or use Windowed Mode
– Antivirus tools might detect Immunity and its packer as a threat, it might be needed to uninstall such software (Immunity works with Kaspersky).
– Don’t start it twice per Windows session or your system will crash and reboot

* Close Steam.exe / HL.exe / HL2.exe
* Launch Immunity.exe and wait untill its load its driver
* Launch CS 1.6 or CSS
* Join a game and press PanicKey

* System & Bunny
* uall