Cheats/Hacks – C.S Source – Universal Aimbot v1.43

Release – Universal Aimbot v1.43

Release – Language – English / Other

Size – About 30 KBY

Format – Zip/Rar/Exec./Other

Scan by a Antivirus – Clean/No Virus

Files -1

Readme.Txt/NFO -No Info About

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[UNDETECTED] Universal aimbot 1.43

Short introduction: This little program will help you get headshots. All it does is take a lot of screenshots of windows (which happens to be cs:s covering the screen), a little image analysis, then moves the mouse for you in cs:s. This aimbot is superior to other aimbots out there since it does a bit block transfer directly to an array, then the array is split into colors using minimal cpu usage. All other aimbots that I've encountered use getpixel which is about 200 times slower.

Release date: December 27, 2010 (1.43)

VAC status: By the way it operates it is 100% VAC proof without a doubt. It doesn't modify the game in any way. All it does is take screenshots of your desktop and moves your mouse.

Requirements: There are 2 requirements that should be met before you run this program.

1. You will need colored skin CT models or colored T models which a material wallhack has, the models can be any color.

2. .NET framework 3.5 is required. You should have it already through windows update.

Solution to problems:

* The aimbot is targeting corpses
o Type cl_ragdoll_physics_enable 0 in console
* I don't know how to install the material wallhack
o Go find one, such as this one
* The aimbot is shaking too much
o Lower the aimbot sensitivity and disable any CSS mouse acceleration
o Type cl_showfps 2 in console and change graphic settings to increase FPS to over 60
o Try using the default aimbot settings instead of playing with the numbers
* The Aimbot does nothing at all
o Make sure raw mouse input in css is disabled
o If you are on Windows 7, disable the aero theme and play css in fullscreen
o You need a colored player model to target, look at the picture below to see what I mean
* The aimbot keeps aiming upward
o Your crosshair is the same color as what you are trying to target, why don't you set the crosshair to green? by typing cl_crosshaircolor 0.
* The aimbot aims too slowly
o Increase the aimbot sensitivity
* What settings should I use with the default aimbot settings
o Windows mouse sensitivity should be on the 6th notch, windows enhanced precision disabled, CSS mouse sensitivity of 3, and CSS mouse acceleration disabled.
* If you have windows 7 then you need to disable the aero theme for universal aimbot to work on fullscreen, it's very easy. Right click the desktop, click personalize, and select windows 7 basic.

Virus total on universal aimbot 1.43 result currently 0/43

Change log (1.22 - 1.43): Increased aimbot precision, fixed a bug with acceleration, added average FPS, improved aimbot default settings, warning for win7 users only happens if aero is enabled (1.31). Huge improvement in aiming and reduction in shaking! The aimbot now changes settings for you automatically(1.4). Added warning about having anti-aliasing enabled(1.4). Changed aimbot settings(1.41). Fixed aimbot precision (1.42). Fixed a bug when entering a css mouse sensitivity other than 3 in the aimbot (1.43).

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