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2010-10-24 – 0.6.0 released


The long overdue 0.6.0 release is now here. This release brings many technological improvements as well as a lot of new gameplay features. Thanks for all the new (and old) contributors.

  • Gameplay
    • Multiple vocal track support (no duet yet)
    • Toggleable karaoke with songs that have separate song and vocal tracks
    • Solo parts for guitars
    • Big Rock Endings
    • Drum Fills (with God Mode for drums)
    • Instrument hit timing indicator
    • Lefty-mode for guitar and drums
    • Join menu for difficulty/track configuration
  • Audio system completely rewritten
    • Single backend: PortAudio v19 (no more plugins)
    • Can still use jack/pulse/alsa etc. through PA
    • Easier to maintain, simple architecture
    • Different bugs and workarounds than before
  • Configuration
    • Sorted to category submenus and displays multiple items at once
    • Ingame audio config with no need to restart Performous (except when audio devices hang)
  • Controllers
    • More controllers are autodetected and supported properly
    • XML config file allows adding/modifying controller types without touching C++
    • MIDI drum support (build-time option)
  • Song browser
    • Song filtering by instrument type (F5-F8)
    • Song parsing improved for faster loading and other improvements
    • Uses less memory due to notes not being loaded before entering a song
  • Miscellaneous
    • Webcam support (build-time option)
    • Graphical improvements and more random backgrounds
    • SVG caching system (menus load muuuch faster once cached)
    • Notification system (more UI feedback)
    • ss_extract now supports all SingStar PS2 DVDs (PS3 is not supported)
    • Translation updates, including config localization
    • Detailed verbosity controls via new logging system
    • Hordes of other tweaks and fixes

For many languages the translations are currently lacking updates. Another thing we are lacking is good graphics as well as developers for the dance mode. If you think you’ll be able to do better, offer your work on #performous. Blog Widget by LinkWithin

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