Cheats/Hacks – Warcraf 3 – cEngine v1.0

Release – cEngine v1.0

Release – Language – English / Other

Size – About 50 KBY

Format – Zip/Rar/Exec./Other

Scan by a Antivirus – Clean/No Virus

Files -1

Readme.Txt/NFO -No Info About

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###cEngine v1.0 by Chaotic###

*Start "cEngine.exe"
*Have fun ;)

*Reveal invisibles
*Show enemy ping signals
*Colouring enemy & fogged hp-bars
*Show ressources
*Show skills
*Reveal illusions
*Reveal enemy building queues/timers
*Neutral & Enemy unit hotkeys
*Auto-mining &  worker queue
*Coloured creepnames reveal itemdrops
*DotA -ah bypass
*Use different keysets (-roc NEWKEY and -tft NEWKEY)
*Select windowtitle (-title NEWTITLE)
*Multiple start of Warcraft III

-Updated for Warcraft III version 1.23

-Added an interface
-Added neutral & enemy unit hotkeys
-Added dota -ah bypass
-Fixed the slotbut
-Fixed crashbug while selecting a critter
-Fixed an automining bug

-Merged Wc3Loader with cEngine
-Added "-nocengine" commandline
-Added safeclick
-Added fogged hp-bars
-Removed LLH & FeedBot
-Fixed several bugs
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