Cheats/Hacks – C.S:Source – NXG-CSS-PUB V1.0

Release – NXG-CSS-PUB V1.0
Release – Language – English / Other

Size – About 200 KBY

Format – Zip/Rar/Exec./Other

Scan by a Antivirus – Clean/No Virus

Files -1

Readme.Txt/NFO -No Info About

Read More to get the download Links

+ Download Options
+ Extra Info / Suport / Credits / Souce Link

Thanks for choosing NexGen!



Remember to tell your friends to come sign up at the site
and purchase access to one of our great simple cheats. These
cheats are compatible with every operating system both 32 and 64 bit!
These cheats are easily used in league matches and are 100% undetectable
which makes them great for the "LEGIT" style hacker not looking for a
full fledged multicheat! Our prices are so low that even the most cash 
strapped hacker can afford access to them.



Don't touch anything in the logs file or the settings file, these are used for the loader and
will not do anything for the cheat itself! if you mess something up in there your cheat WILL NOT load!

If you are running windows xp simply double click "NXG-CSS-PUB V1.0.exe" then load your game via steam.

If you are using a later version of windows such as vista or windows7 then you need to right click
on the NXG-CSS-PUB V1.0.exe and select "Run As Administrator" for the loader to function correctly.

If for some reason the loader will not work for you then try your favorite loader such as winject. Sometimes
the loader requires that you try 2-3 times before it will inject, it may give you an error message or crash.

If chams don't work for you then view the settings picture I have included in this download. It has a screenshot
of my exact settings for the chams to work properly.

The triggerbot is disabled in the public release. Chams are only one color per team instead of chameleon style. These options
have been set aside for v.i.p members only.



Not everyone has the same type of computer and this may not work right out of the box for everyone.
This is why you need to follow the guidlines in this readme.

Running The cheat:

1. Double click the loader
2. Select a server to join and click connect
3. Once ingame hit the "Insert" key to bring up the menu
4. Use the arrow keys to navigate the menu.
5. Have fun!



NEXGEN-SH , Home Of The Simple Cheat

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