Freeware / Games / – Perfect World International

Release – Perfect World International

Release – Language – English / Other


Size -About 3 GBY

Format – Zip/Rar/Exec./Other

Scan by a Antivirus – Clean/No Virus
Files -1

Readme.txt/NFO – No

+ Extra Info

“Perfect World” is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by Beijing Perfect World. Players can create a character that is one of three races, each with two race-specific classes. The game features territorial battles, which allow your guild to take over the server one area at a time.
It also has a diverse and unique mount system, personalized clothing, crafting, and a complete marriage system. Combat in the game largely includes auto-attack and the use of hotkey abilities. As players level up, skillpoints are used in skill trees to increase skills.
“Perfect World International” is the official English version of the game.
The game looks great, runs great, and plays great compared to many of the clones on the market.



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