Freeware / Games / – Counter-Strike 1.6 High Definition New Era

Release – Counter-Strike 1.6 High Definition New Era

Release – Language – English / Other

Size -About 300 MBY  / 3 Parts of 100 MBY

Format – Zip/Rar/Exec./Other

Scan by a Antivirus – Clean/No Virus
Files -3 Parts
Readme.txt/NFO – No Info
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Up – File

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Part – 1 / 2  / 3
Part – 1 / 2  / 3

Part – 1 / 2  / 3

+Extra Info

This modification called “New Era” it’s like ProMod, but based on the goldsource engine. It’s optimized vastly better to play with more feeling, thats the difference to other co-called Mods. We strive to present the most competitive, enthralling, and visually satisfying version of Counter-Strike ever, and to satisfy the needs of the players. The time has come the new era of Counter-Strike begins you might want to check out!

This software is produced, released and is copyright by Old School Company™. It is made available under the GNU General Public License and may be freely distributed.


– prevented empty chat spam
– anti-cheat protection
– improved dedicated server FPS
– can be up to date (added new command ‘update’)
– improved voice communication
– drop grenade added
– added ingame description
– added zombie and deathmatch maps
– all CS scripts localized (more advanced commandmenu – key H)
– optimized settings
– fixed valve-spraylogo
– And many more..

tuned up graphics:

– redesigned multiplayer scoreboard
– incorporated VGui technology
– more detailed maps (r_detailtextures 0/1)
– added high definition player models
– improved texture (blood, upgrade background 32-bit, overviews, buy menu etc.)
– new icons for HUD (money, weapons, armor, timer, scoreboard etc.) also icon mixup for desktop shortcuts
– modified hostage rescue scenario also upgrade model skins (weapons C4, defuse Kit, grenades etc.)
– and fixed a lots of small bugs


* F4 – support us
* F12 – quit
* V – rebuy
* P – amxmodmenu (only for server admins)

# Is this addon compatible to other clients?

Yes, you don’t need to be careful.

# When I try to join a lan game, I get an error message.

When this happen you need to host per Dedicated Server.

# If I host a game server, the game name says “czero”. How to solve?

You have to unpack in your cstrike\dlls file directory “mp_bot_disable.rar”. Note: changing game name (czero to cstrike) will disable bot functions.

# How to set the preconfigure configs back?

per console: tip “exec defaultconfig.cfg”

manual: open defaultconfig.cfg in your cstrike file directory and copy everything and paste to config.cfg after this save your changes.

# What is better D3D or OpenGL?

Half-Life/Counter-Strike is better optimized for OpenGL.

# How can I support Counter-Strike 1.6 New Era?

You can easily help us to promote the new age of Counter-Strike by putting F4 ingame. And as thanks, recommend it your friends.



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