Freeware / Games – Atlantica Online

Release – Atlantica Online Online Game

Release – Language – English / Other

Size -About 2 GBY

Format – Zip/Rar/Exec./Other

Scan by a Antivirus – Clean/No Virus
Files -1
Readme.txt/NFO – No Info
+ Extra Info

“Atlantica Online” is a free-to-play strategy MMORPG. Players can explore and fight in locations around the world, ranging from Feudal Japan to Depression-era Detroit.
The game features unique turn-based party combat, like a console RPG.” Players can recruit NPCs to fight with you, including heroes from myths and legends all over the globe!
Many MMO gamers consider “Atlantica” to be one of the best MMORPGs on the Internet — free or retail. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a must-try game for every MMO player.

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