Cheats/Hacks – C.S:Source – SimpleCSSHack v.0.4.2

Release – SimpleCSSHack v.0.4.1 *BUGFIXED*
Release – Language – English
Size -About 500 KB
Format – Zip/Rar/Exec./Other
Scan by a Antivirus – Clean/No Virus
Files – 1

Readme.txt/NFO -Yes

Extra Info

SimpleL4DHack v0.4.2

* Important:                      *
* speedmeup.dll and SimpleL4D.exe *
* have to be in the same folder!  *

Features List:

Multiplayer Hacks:
# Speedhack
# Hit indicator
# No Recoil *FIXED*
# Wireframe WH
# No Vomit *FIXED*
# No Shadows
# No Rain *FIXED*
# Skeleton WH *FIXED**
# Empty Map

# Cheats Bypass
# Consistency Bypass
# Pure Bypass

Singleplayer Hacks:
# Infinite Ammo *FIXED*
# Infinite Health
# Blind Infected
# Buddah

.NET Framework

1.) Start L4D
2.) Tab out and start the hack
3.) Make your choice
4.) Go back into game
5.) Have fun!

Please notice: If you choose the speedhack,
the speedmeup.dll will be injected into your
L4D process! Another GUI will appear where u
can adjust the speed!
A multiplier of 1,0 will set the gamespeed to

You can use the speedmeup.dll also for other
games. For that you need Winject for example!

Beware: the speedmeup.dll is still alpha-stadium!

Support & Contact:
***************** v.0.4.2


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