Cheats/Hacks – C.S 1.6 – Fablehack v0.8

Counter-Strike 1.6 cheat features ESP
Unmodified Readme for Fablehack v0.8

Fablehack v0.8

VAC2 proof Counter-Strike 1.6 Hack


Added menu
-Uparrow, Downarrow for moving the selection
-Rightarrow for toggle the selection
Added new entrys in settings file
-Colors for menu
-Maxlength of chars to be displayed by the nameesp
Changed the beep when hl starts to a shorter not so annoying beep


Ins/Einfg: Toggles the menu on/off
Del/Entf: Toggles all features on/off( panic key )


VAC2 Proof
Box-, Weapon-, Distance-, Name-, Entity-, Head- and Far ESP
Offset search engine
Settings File


Start Steam, Start “SimpleLoader.exe”, Start Counter-Strike, if a beep is hearable the hack injected fine


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