Addons / Mods C.S 1.6 – American Football Mod V.5.0

Football mod is a simulated counterstike game of football. The game is played in a football stadium where the two team face-off. Teams can be anywhere from 1 to 11 players which will feature 1 QB and a reserve of receivers. The ball is snapped and the QB can opt to rush the ball or sit back and try to pass the ball to an open receiver. The offense ultimately needs to get the ball to the end zone but most importantly they need to keep their drive going by getting to the first down line while not throwing an interception to the opposing team. The game is continued until one team scores the max score limit and the game is ended. The two teams wait for 30 seconds then another game is started.




Admin Commands
amx_setqb – Forces player to be the QB for their current team.
amx_setdown <#> – Sets the current down for the team with possession of the ball.
amx_setscore <#> – Sets the score of the given team.
amx_makeburst – Forces the player to use speed burst if he has a burst or not.
amx_makekick – Stops current down and forces a team to kickoff to the other team.
amx_scrim – Toggles tournament mode which will disable all team balancing, fumbles and autostart.
amx_teamlock <1|2> – Locks teams so players cannot change or switch
amx_setmodels – Enter team name and it loads the teams model and players
amx_end – Forces the current game to end.
amx_shake – Randomly mixes all the teams together. (Admins and bots are untouched)

Football mod will not work on any old dust2 or rats map. Its keys off of a maps co-ordinates and requires a flat surface that runs horizontal from end zone to end zone. Basically I offer 15 maps in the zip file. If someone is inclined enough to make their own map, you need to download Valve Hammer Editor and open the fm_football.rmf file in the file, it contains all the entities to make a football map (note: playing surface needs to run horizontally with the cts on the left side and t’s on the right side.).


  1. First download the .amxx file and place it in your addons\amxmodx\plugins folder.
  2. Add the line “football.amxx” without the “s into your addons\amxmodx\configs\plugins.ini file.
  3. Download the zip file and extract the files into the proper folders in your server cstrike folder.
  4. Completley restart your server and change to a football map and start throwing touchdowns.


PlayerModels                                   Maps                               footballamx and sma

Filesmonster links



footballamx and sma


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  1. American Football Mod V.5.0 is very useful to me. Thanks.


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