Plugin – AMX – AdThemes – Cover those CS ads!

=== Revised 6/3/07 ===
Added server CVAR to track plugin usage at
Players can then find servers using this plugin by searching for the Server Variable ‘adthemes’. Thus avoiding servers that still display the ads if they desire.
Note: Only the adthemes.amxx file was changed. So you can reinstall the whole thing, or simply extract the adthemes.amxx file and replace the old one.

=== Revised 5/4/07 ===
Minor code adjustment and added 2 more hi-res blank models. No functional changes made. No real need to update if its currently running OK

=== Revised 3/27/07 ===
Revision improves the resolution of most pix so they don’t look so pixelated up close.

AdThemes will cover the Valve ads in CS with custom models. That’s right, no more shitty Valve ads. The models are grouped as to create a theme. I’ve provided 4 themes as a start. One theme, the default, will cover the ads with models similar to the original map’s wall texture (not perfect, but pretty damn close). Hopefully, others will create more themes.

Extract the zip file to your ‘cstrike’ folder.
Add the line ‘adthemes.amxx’ to your ‘plugins.ini’ file.

Note: This is an AmxmodX plugin.


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