Games – Warzone 2100 v2.1.2

Warzone 2100 is a 3D real-time strategy game, developed by Pumpkin Studios (Archived website) and published by Eidos-Interactive. In late 2004 Warzone was released by its copyright holders, Eidos-Interactive, to the public under the GNU General Public License and the Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project was born.
Although comparable to Earth2150 in many significant aspects, it does contain some features that are unique. These include various radar technologies, a greater focus on artillery and counter-battery technologies, more frequent in-game cinematic updates as gameplay progress, as well as a different vehicle design method.
What’s New in version 2.1.2:
  • Fix: No longer crash if more than six players join a game (r6658, ticket:273)
  • Fix: Fix crash when too many maps are available (r6742)
  • Fix: Some other crash bugs may have been prevented (r6688, r6629, r6596, r6762, r6746, r6744)
  • Fix: When sound isn’t enabled (at runtime, unrelated to –disable-sound, e.g. when no sound device is available) do not attempt to set up an AUDIO_STREAM
  • Fix: If the target system to run on already provides strlcpy and/or strlcat, check whether they work as expected, and if they do, use them instead (r6556, r6557)
  • Change: Allow compiling without OpenAL and Vorbis when compiling with –disable-sound

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