Plugins C.S 1.6 – AMX MOD – Damage & Death Effect v1.3.2


Just look at the plguin name, this is simple and easy plugin

It let your game more realistic

Effect :

Damage : If you are hit, your screen will also shake and go on a weird angle & flash red for a second.

Death : Your screen will trun black(control by cvar) when you are killed

Required Modules:


*if there are any bugs or dubts, plesae report here in the creator forum –  link

Change log:


1.0 : Release
1.1 : fixed actual cvar values
1.2 : fixed player get -1 damage, and he got shake
1.3 : removed useless code
1.3.1 : fixed can not show screen fade
1.3.2 : Changed the MSG_ONE to MSG_ONE_UNRELIABLE


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