Addons / Mods C.S 1.6 – Predator Mode (CS1.6)

Predator Mode (CS1.6)
This plugin allow a player to become a predator, but he needs to pay the price of frags and money (the admin decide the price). A predator have 200HP and 500AP, he is invisable and his speed and jump are better than normal. A predator also got a plasma attack.(the admin chooses how many plasma shot the predator will get every round). The predator has a special vision so he can see better. When a predator dies he becomes a normal human again. The admin can set the score the predator will get for each kill and how much money he will get for each kill
headshot will add the predator an extra point (more than the admin decided). A predator
can’t use any weapon but claws and his plasma gun BUT he can kill in 1 knife strike so be aware .

[edit]: Added bodyheat view and few sounds for changing view mode and for activating\deactivating the heatview

*NOTE* A predator can change his view mode (normal, 3d person, strategy)

admin_enable_predator 1/0 == Turns on and off the predator mode (default 1) *NOTE, ADMIN COMMANDS ARE STILL ACTIVE*
admin_everyone_predator 1/0 == Turns on and off the EVERYONE predator mode (default 0) *NOTE, if on, u must choose a predator or u die*
admin_frags_predator [number]Decide how many frags you need to pay to become a predator (default 20)
admin_money_predator [number] == Decides how much money you need to pay to become a predator (default 16,000)
admin_plasma_predator[number] == Decides how many plasma shots a predator will get (default 3)
admin_frags_plasma [number] == Decides how many frags a predator gets for plasma kill (default 1)
admin_frags_knife [number] == Decides how many frags a predator gets for knife kill (default 2)
admin_kill_money [number] == Decides how much money a predator gets for each kill (default 300)
admin_predator [name][type][plasma] == Change a player into a predator, choose type of predator and amount of plasma
admin_predatorteam [team][type][plasma] == Same as admin_predaotr just to a full team (T,CT,ALL or 1,2,3)
admin_unpredator [name] == Change a predator into a human
admin_unpredatorteam [team] == Same as admin_unpredator just to a full team (T,CT,ALL or 1,2,3)
admin_addplasma [name][number] == Adds Plasma shoots to a predator (player have to be a predator)
admin_predator_custom [name][type] == Changes a player’s MODEL into a predator model *NOTE, HE IS NOT A PREDATOR*
admin_view_predator [number] == Changes the speed of the bodyheat (default 0.2) [change map to take effect] {version 1.94+)
admin_hp_predator [number] == sets amount of HP the predator gets (default 200) {version 1.95 only}

ppfire == Shoot a plasma ball (i suggest u bind it to mouse3)
pcview == Change the view mode of the predator (i suggest u bind it to P)
dbinds == Auto bind the client functions into the default keys
say /predatorhelp == help about other predator say commands




7 responses to this post.

  1. have to bind plasma to predator?
    i now have to bind Rope but I dont know have plasma 😀
    I NEED IT !!! :*:*:*


    • Posted by cyberdreamspt on Março 27, 2009 at 9:19 am

      ok, i gave the help link or support link in the post, i can not help you becuase i don´t know but in the help link you wiil have the support that you need.

      Help support


  2. loko eci xiter


  3. Posted by dext on Abril 15, 2009 at 3:29 pm

    what needed to use those it doesn’t never works says something crap


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